• STAMINA-Represents the life force of the Character.
  • METTLE-Represents the availible magic energy of the Character.
  • RESISTANCE-Represents the ability to withstand magical attacks and Debuffs.
  • ENDURANCE-Represents the ability to withstand Physical attacks and Ailments.
  • MAGICK-Represents the Magic Power of the Character.
  • STRENGTH-Represents the Brute force and Carrying Capacity of the Character.
  • CHARISMA-Represents the abilty to Command,Influence, and Lie to other Characters.
  • WISDOM-Represents the intelligence and Learning Capability of the Character.
  • ACCURACY-Represents the ability to hit enemy characters and Preform Talents.
  • CRITICAL-Represents the chance of scoring Bonus Attacks and Inflicting Massive Damage to foes.

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