Cerberus Hellcat is the feline form of the Summon, for the Canine form see Cerberus Rex

Cerberus Hellcat, also known simply as Cerberus is one of the 12 Summons created by Serise. It takes the form of a large Panther and its elemet is FIRE

Attacks and OverkillEdit

CLAW SWIPE- Lashes out at the foe with razor sharp claws.

FANGS- Cerberus uses his fangs to dig into the foe lowering defence and causing BLEED.

BREATH- Cerberus unleashes a breath of fire and brimstone unto the foes in a wide radius.

POUNCE- Cerberus launched on the foe clawing, and biting the repeatedly.

BRIMSTONE- Cerberus Launces into the air and charges up a ball of fire which explodes on contact with the ground doing heavy fire damage in a wide radius.

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