Coil and Coilette are duo that appear in both Femme Fatales and Middle. They are similar to the enities Hope and despair, except they are both evil, and they can combine thier powers.

They act as if they are brother and sister, looking out for eachother always. They seem to have an otherwoldy bond that even death cannot break. They fight as a team since thier powers are more effective this way, but Coil has been known to seperate his sister from battle to protect her.


The male counterpart of the duo, his powers consist of crafting elaborate illusions.


The younger. more timid of the duo. Her ability alows her to make illusions, dreams, and even nightmares reality. This power only works via touch. Together with Coil they can create almost anything at will, though they specialize in invading thier victims dreams.


Femme FatalesEdit


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