A Diplomat is a person appointed by a region to conduct diplomacy with another region, planet or international organization. The main functions of diplomats revolve around the representation of the sending region, as well as the promotion of information and friendly relations. As a group, Diplomats act as council, debating and establishing laws for the system as a whole rather than just thier region.

Diplomats serve for as long as they live, and some even continue to serve after they have died. Thier main priority is to join in group debate at least once a year to update policies and laws to fit the ever growing universe.

They usually tavel with a partyof bodygaurds and assistants but it is rare that a diplomat is actually assassinated, since they are just representatives for thier region and not leaders. After all delegations are complete they return to the Ruler/Leader of thier land and discuss what they mentioned in this meeting and return to thier normal duties. Some diplomats are really spies or,hire spies in thier Cortege to gain additional information on thier neighboring regions, but it is not easy getting around and with the Oracle also attending these meetings, nothing is secret. The Oracle is also one of the reasons these meetings are held. Many regions would like the vital information she posesses and will stop at nothing to prod her with questions and inquiries for thier Leader before returning.

Diplomats and RegionsEdit

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