Feats, along with Skills, and Spells are the important actions Heroes can preform in thier desired class.


Feats are Physical or Magical Augments, as well as Basic Combat and Movement upgrades. They focus on great achievements of Speed, Strength or Magic that cannot be mastered by just anyone. Unlike Spells or Skills Feats cannot be stacked or upgraded and most come with thier very own list of Prerequisites.

Basic UpgradesEdit

  • Second Wind-
  • Endurance-
  • Resistance-
  • Bull's Strength-
  • Fox's Cunning-
  • Owl's Wisdom-
  • Tortoise's Shell-
  • Diehard-
  • Sulf Sufficience-
  • Weapon Mastery
  • 1000 Faces
  • Art of Seduction
  • Tempt fate
  • Reputation

Armor UpgradesEdit

  • Armor Proficiency:Heavy
  • Armomr Proficiency:Symbiote
  • Armor Proficiency:Templar Armor

Melee UpgradesEdit

  • Shield Other-
  • Mounted Combat-
  • Born of Sword

Movement UpgradesEdit

  • Lightninig Reflexes
  • Split-Second
  • Escape Artist
  • Flee
  • Retreat
  • Knights Grace
  • Acrobat

Divine FeatsEdit

  • Enduring Faith
  • Divine Intervention

Arcane FeatsEdit

Class Specific FeatsEdit

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