A Multi-Class is a combination of two Classes, usually focusing on the latter, while still getting the bonuses of the first. A Multi-Class creates a unique class that defies the laws of the game and are generally hard to use, But a skilled player could benefit form this unique class.

Multi-Classes are made of two classes, usually a Tank class and a Support Class. The Tank is the base of the class, giving the user the Basic defensive skills and bonuses involved with it, but since it is not the main class they will gain any feats, spells, or skills from the class, but they will continue to gain bonuses received at the different levels of the class.



Tank Class:Soldier + Mage Class:Elementalist(Ice) = SnowTrooper

Bonuses:Soldier Only

Spells:Elementalist Only

Skills:Elementalist Only

Weapon:Tank Only


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