the Shinobi is one of the Prestige Classes associated with the Adept Class. It focuses on speed and criticals and is compared to the Assassin Class.

Shinobi are Ninja trained in espionage, infiltration and assasination techniques using unique and sometimes unorthodox methods. Shinobi are quick and deadly; they leave no trace behind. They are adept at getting into battle unnoticed as well as achieving thier objective.


Shinobi are very flexible and agile which makes them perfect for quick skirmishes. They focus on speed and critical damage while evading physical damage themselves. thier skills are as follows

  • Jutsu
  • Intake of Chakra
  • Invisibility Cloak
  • Wink
  • Advanced Parry
  • Backstab
  • Trip


  • Ninjato
  • Neko


  • Shuko
  • Scroll
  • Decoy Monkey

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