the Sunborn are the people of the Planet Phriea. They are characterized by thier squint-like eyes and-or tan appearance. The term "Sunborn" refers to one who has been born on the planet, there is also the term Sun-touched which refers to people who have moved to Phriea and share a similar appearance but are a bit more pale than the sunborn.


Phriea is the Closent planet to thier systems sun, and thus recieve direct lighting from it. Though the planet has a thick cloud cover, the sunlight can still penetrate these clouds, resulting in the extreme brightness seen on the planet. therefore the people of the planet over time have evolved to deal with the light comfortably by growing an extra fold over their eyes similar to that of the asian race of Earth.

Though thier eyes are constantly in a squint, thier vision on other planets is 20x better than those its inhabitants, some even more. Sunborn can see even in low lit environments as thier eyes have been conditioned for the harsh lighting of Phriea, and excell at anything that requires sight in these conditions.

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