Rise and Fall of the LegionairesEdit

the Legionaires are an ancient order of Knights that were formed around the same time as the Templars, but were quickly overrun and eradicated by the Dark Army's forces. Unlike the Templar, the Legionaires had no abilities and were simply town militia heading up the Revolt against Asmodeus. The Legionires consisted of towns folk, farmers and a few voulunteers from a lower court of the Archadian army, and a traveler, Constantin who would prove to be the driving force of the army.

Having no permission from their King, these knights traveled in the shadows, crossing great distances with their powerful and expertly bred horses.

Legion and the DurandalEdit

500 Years after the decimation of the Legionaires, the Durandal; the Fabled sword used by Constantin was found in a large tomb. Upon inspection, it appeared the sword was held by a powerful spirit. But actually it is held by the pirits of many, Every soul given in battle bound itself to the sword to forever protect the kingdom. Unfortunately as time went on , the kingdoms crumbled and just became Regions. The souls, fearig the return of an ancient evil speak to any who approach saying with the voices of many "Only a warrior of worth shall be able to to weild us, for we are with this weapon, forever and always."

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